Short term car insurance

As the sales manager of a small manufacturing company David Ramsay was in the happy situation of not having had to pay for his own car for more than a decade, since a company vehicle have always been available to him! Now well past his 65th birthday he was looking forward to his retirement, but no he would not be putting his feet up on the sofa and reaching for his pipe and slippers, but would be going on a touring holiday of Europe for several months, something he had promised himself for many years! Naturally, he wanted a car similar to the one which his company had provided them with, which was a 4.2 L Jaguar so six months before his retirement he put an order in for a new one at his local dealership, confident that the vehicle would be ready in good time for when he needed it. His confidence was misplaced.

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David retirement party was a great success, and hardly surprisingly he took a taxi home after it, and didn't miss his company car one little bit until the next morning when he got out of bed and looked out onto his empty drive. He picked up the telephone, rang the Jaguar dealership and demanded a definite arrival date for his new car; a somewhat offhand so-called salesman informed him brusquely that he would just have to wait along with everyone else because there was a long waiting list with delays caused by the usual excuses; bad weather, labour problems, leaves on the railway lines and the wrong kind of snow. Fair enough, David's holiday was a few months in the future but what was he going to do in the meanwhile?

Fortunately, the company car he had driven was still available and the managing director very generously offered to lend it to him until his own car was available. The only snag was that now David was no longer employed by the company it's insurance policy would no longer cover him. This left David in a bit of a quandary since he was reluctant to take out a full year's insurance on the vehicle when he had no idea just how long he would need it. Fortunately, he had heard of an extremely flexible insurance scheme which would meet his requirements.

David took out a month by month car insurance policy. Under this particular type of insurance he was able to pay monthly for as long as he needed the insurance; each month the policy was automatically renewed for another month books when his own vehicle finally arrived he was able to cancel the policy, by giving two weeks notice. As it transpired, he only needed it for three months and then he stopped the policy and bought a full 12 months policy for his new car from the same brokers, since they have been so accommodating.

Month by month insurance policies are available with a minimum period of one calendar month, and a maximum of eight months, with a choice of fully comprehensive or third party cover. European travel can be covered for a small extra premium, as can roadside assistance.

Buying insurance in this way is not suitable for every circumstance, but as David Ramsay found out it is a very useful service if used in the right way.

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